Softeyes, “You Can’t Quit A Family”

softeyes-cassette-coverEven though Softeyes is comprised of some of Annapolis’ most identifiable musicians, their collaborative effort, “You Can’t Quit A Family” is a revelation. Fronted by Annapolis’ resident chameleon Casey Callahan-Hean and Baltimore-based singer Josephine Olivia Herbst, Softeyes sarcastically describes their sound as “the soundtrack to all of life’s special moments” but that might not be nearly as ridiculous a statement as they intended. First single, “Everything I Love Is Killing Me” is quite simply, indie pop perfection. It’s simultaneously dreamy and propulsive and in a fair world, would reside on radio playlists alongside indie stalwarts like Belle & Sebastian. It’s so good, in fact, it would almost be understandable if the rest of the record felt like somewhat of a letdown. But thanks to Olivia’s ethereal, nearly otherworldly vocals, that’s far from the case. Album highlights include the spooky coolness of “Vampire Girl,” the near trip-hop of “Gold,” and the lilt of the fabulous “Impending Doom.” Sounding fragile but not broken, Olivia’s voice is simply the sound of resilience. And set against the backdrop of these weighty but catchy, carefully constructed songs, it adds up to a debut that often brushes up against brilliance.

Listen to (and buy) lead single “Everything I Love Is Killing Me”:


~ by undergroundwednesday on May 11, 2015.

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