Joseph Karr – Violon D’Ingres

Underground Wednesday is proud to announce the release of “Violon D’Ingres,” a new EP from Joseph Karr that marks his first music release in nearly a decade. He’s been described here as “an accidental musician of the eeriest sort,” “ the dark prince of Annapolis,” and “a goddamn genius,” and this EP affirms our belief that he’s an artist that warrants national attention.

Tastefully accentuated and beautifully expressed, it’s evocative music from an artist whose talent has always tantalized but is now marked with the maturity of a fully-formed artist.

Please join us at a combination CD release and art show this Thursday, September 16th at 9:00 pm at Tsunami, 51 West Street,  in Annapolis. Joe’s art will be on display and DJ Dan will be spinning selections from Annapolis musicians from 10:00 into the wee hours.

This hand stamped, limited edition EP features:

1.       Castle

Previously featured on Underground Wednesday, it positively shimmers.

2.       What Comes Naturally

Tasty electronic touches add an element of light to this affecting, slightly dark song.

3.       Rush Concert T-Shirt

“She can skate backwards in a straight line” is our favorite lyric of the year.

4.       For The Best

Written on the first day of the year, it makes you want to lie on your car and watch the stars with your best girl. Just beautiful.

5.       Doublemint

Candy apple red pop.

Physical copies will be available at this show only with a full digital release in October. For all things, Joe Karr, visit his website.


~ by undergroundwednesday on September 14, 2010.

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