KAHZ – I Play The Fox

Mark our words, Chris Cosgrove is going to be an indie rock star. Beginning with the legendary Annapolis hip hop and funk collective Jepetto and continuing in the excellent local band Victory Party (along with former Jepetto MC Dave Richardson), Cosgrove has long been one of our area’s most charismatic and entertaining performers. But 11 years after bursting onto the scene with Jepetto straight outta high school, he’s poised to break it large with his long awaited solo debut. Cosgrove has toured the world the last five years as a guitar tech and road manager for a number of high-profile acts (including a stint as a supporting musician for the indie duo Mates Of State) and after first settling in San Francisco before landing in Philadelphia, he’s honed his skills to a sheen. Recording under the name “KAHZ”, he’s emerged as a multi-instrumentalist equally adept at guitar, bass, piano and trumpet, playing every note of his solo material himself. Always a watchable performer, he’s grown into a first-rate songwriter, arranger, beatmaker and singer with a fabulous ear for hooks that are both smart and catchy.

Like most great songs, “Hey Surprise” began almost accidentally. Written on Christmas Eve at his parents house (you can even hear a little of his dad yelling for him early in the song) and using iPhone ear buds to record the acoustic guitar, it was a song that he says he never meant anyone to hear. He changed his mind after some friends pushed him to finish it and we’re glad they did. It will be featured on his upcoming debut “I Play The Fox” available later this spring, but exclusively on Underground Wednesday NOW.

MP3: KAHZ – Hey Surprise

“makin’ papes” is a nice showcase for KAHZ’s range. It’s a dance floor burner that features the best damn cowbells since the Rapture. When pressed for the song’s meaning, Cosgrove says, “It’s about MAKIN’ THOSE PAPES!”

MP3: KAHZ – $ makin papes $

For old time’s sake, here are a few sweet Victory Party songs. Oh, the trumpet!

MP3: Victory Party – The World I Know

MP3: Victory Party – The Man Inside

Check out more new stuff up on the KAHZ MySpace page.


~ by undergroundwednesday on March 10, 2010.

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