Irresistible Smell Of Decay – Sharks And Knives

We’ve already lauded the songwriting prowess of Jimi Davies, but in addition to leading two of our area’s best bands (Jimmies Chicken Shack and Jarflys), he’s also been at work on a solo project he calls the Irresistible Smell Of Decay. He gleaned the name from the annual migration of salmon who make their way upstream only to spawn, then die – drawn by “the irresistible smell of decay.” He describes the recording process in a similar way as “1 guy, in 1 room, with 1 computer, a few guitars, shedding skin for feeding.” And shed his musical skin he does. Maybe it’s because the first time we heard these song we were driving down a leaf-strewn street in downtown Annapolis on a blustery, fall night, but they’ve always conjured up ghosts for us. Both spooky and haunting and only available here at Underground Wednesday.

“Sharks And Knives” features the backup singing debut of the artist formerly known as Karen Schultz, now better known as Mrs. Davies.

MP3: Irresistible Smell Of Decay – Sharks And Knives

Here’s a nice example of Davies’ way with words and their double meanings.

MP3: Irresistible Smell Of Decay – You And I Know Different

More ISOD stuff on MySpace.


~ by undergroundwednesday on February 17, 2010.

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