Johnny Poulos – 5 Roles

Also known as the lead singer and guitarist for Annapolis heavy rock outfit Eleven Roses, Johnny Poulos has released an EP that shows his range as a songwriter. Beautifully augmented with strings and programming by Todd Kreuzburg, these five songs showcase Poulos’ ear for both melody and harmony. Why a solo effort? He says, “Bands are cool, but everything’s a compromise. I decided to get greedy  and do something for myself.” The results, particularly “Opening Night,” are eye-opening. With its sumptuous use of strings and bells and Poulous’ stunning vocal performance, “Opening Night” can only be described as epic. Truly one of the best local songs of the decade.

Johnny Poulos – Opening Night

Buy the EP here.

You can also find “Opening Night” on the “Another Late Night at the Acme” compilation released on Underground Wednesday Records at

Check out Johnny’s darker side on the Eleven Roses Myspace page.


~ by undergroundwednesday on January 18, 2010.

One Response to “Johnny Poulos – 5 Roles”

  1. Fifteen seconds into “Opening Night,” I realized that my computer’s crappy speakers weren’t going to cut it for this song, so I switched to headphones. Well worth it. I continue to love the e-mail notification feature available here.

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