The Remnants – American Grit

Remnants_American GritWhy isn’t Tom Boynton a rock star? A glorious cross between Ted Leo, Springsteen, and Jon Spencer, he and his band the Remnants have been releasing good ol’ rock and roll records for over a decade and he’s long been Annapolis’ most charistmatic live performer. The liner notes on their new record, “American Grit,” say the Remnants are “here to keep it swinging” and Lord-a-mercy, truer words have never been said. Formerly a trio with Tom Fridrich on drums and bassist Jay Turner, the band wisely turned to Pete Kanaras of the legendary Baltimore bar band the Nighthawks to flesh out the sound as a quartet. The results is quintessinally American music – equal parts twang and rock delivered with the fervor of a true believer.

From the new record, “Happy Too” is the Remnants at their most Asbury Park.

The Remnants – Happy Too

And going back a few records to the “Double Wide” record, here’s an old favorite. You can also find “Give It Back” on the “Late Night At The Acme” compliation available on Underground Wednesday Records.

The Remnants – Give It Back

Buy “American Grit”

Buy “Double Wide”


~ by undergroundwednesday on November 5, 2009.

3 Responses to “The Remnants – American Grit”

  1. Dan,

    I am a Rock Star, just ask me! Thanks for the kind words mate. Glad you dig it.

    Tom Boynton

  2. This is great stuff, and it must be even better live. Great choice, Dan.

  3. Like a vintage Port…the Remnants get tastier with each passing year.

    Nice hustle on these tunes boys.

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