Ethics Committee – F*ck Your Legacy (EP)

Ethics Committee-EP [front cover]Casey Hean, you prolific bastard. Known as newstravelsfast when performing solo material, Casey is a former member of several Annapolis bands including Jimmies Chicken Shack and Quatro. He’s joined in Ethics Committee by former Jepetto bassist Jesse Hosch and drummer Kevin Herdemen in what they’re simply calling a “hard rock band.” Hean says, “The point of putting this band together was to step away from our lonely, sterile, midi-based home recording studios, and practice together in a basement like we used to do.” It’s also a rallying cry for those discouraged by trying to create a scene in an area that lacks one.  Call it indie, math or hard rock – it’s smart and cathartic and endearingly thumbs its nose at local bar owners and patrons whose musical preferences lean heavily toward karaoke and acoustic “Margaritaville” covers.

“Mexican Time Machine” begins with an agro-math edge before segueing into the best Annapolis kiss-off song ever. This song is for every musician or DJ who’s had to endure drunken requests from college sophomores for “something we all know the words to.”

Ethics Committee – Mexican Time Machine

Ahhh, the single. Here’s Ethics Committee at their hookiest. Simply fabulous pop.

Ethics Committee – Oh Betty

Download the entire EP for FREE!


~ by undergroundwednesday on October 26, 2009.

One Response to “Ethics Committee – F*ck Your Legacy (EP)”

  1. I’ll always be a sucker for the power pop.

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